We tend to use PicturesToExe for creating slideshows.

This page has some helpful hints with using this software.

Printable tutorial for Pictures to Exe version 7
Detailed instructions to help you to get started with PTE version 7.

Using Sound with PTE 7
Includes details on ripping music, adding and editing sound with PTE 7 and getting and using the free “Audacity” program.

Making a title sequence
How to make your show introduction more interesting.  The technique described can be adapted to building an entire show using Photoshop layers.

Making custom icons for your slideshows
PTE’s standard icons are not particularly eye-catching.So why not make your own?

Using Lightroom to prepare you images for a slideshow in PicturesToExe
Lightroom can help greatly to speed-up the preparation of images for use with PTE (and similar programs).  Resizing, cropping, sharpening etc are all simplified with this workflow.

Using templates
Save time by customising the program once and for all.

More PTE Tutorials are available from LearnPicturesToExe