Photoshop & Elements

We’ve created many tutorials for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for the Club.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Bryan Oxley’s tutorials on creating pattern pictures with Elements or Photoshop

Transformations & Repairs
Bryan Oxley gave a superb demonstration of how to use the clone stamp, healing brush and transform menus in Photoshop & Elements to adjust an image to make it better reflect reality.  The talk also included an excellent introduction to using layer masks.

Make your rulers measure correctly
How to fix the “bug” where clicking the “Print size” button in Photoshop shows an incorrectly sized result.  It’s not really a bug – it’s a feature!

Going further with Photoshop
Handout for the YPU Lecture.

Using Smart Objects
A follow-up to the club meeting on 21st October 09.

An introduction to Bridge
Illustrates how to use Bridge to organise, rename, keyword & copyright, and prepare derivative files.

Digital Workflow – Photoshop and Bridge
Handout which accompanies YPU Lecture “Digital Workflow using Photoshop and Bridge”.

Doing it by numbers
Introducing Photoshop Elements (and Photoshop).

Digital Dodge & Burn
9 pages explaining three ways to achieve this without compromising your images.

Digital Monochrome conversion techniques
Comparing techniques using Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom.

Digital photo restoration
Some less-than-obvious ways of restoring old photos with the minimum of fuss.

Using adjustment layer masks with Elements
Produced in response to a query from a site visitor who left happy!

Using layer masks to combine images – Elements
Although Elements doesn’t include layer masks (other than with adjustment layers) we can make it behave as though it does!

Produce a Digital test-strip in Photoshop or Elements
Many workers find that their prints are darker than the image on the screen.  This is a good way to get round the problem.

Batch Processing
If you need to repeat the same operation over and over again, this is for you.
Batch processing and actions – Photoshop
Batch processing and actions – Elements

Action to convert colour image to monochrome
Printable tutorial which explains how to record an action that converts a colour image to mono using the Red, Green and Blue channels with maximum flexibility.

Loading Actions into Photoshop
There are lots of ready-made actions available on the Internet.  Here’s how to deal with them.

Using the Pen tool
Photoshop’s Pen Tool can be used to trace a very precise path around an object.  This path will be saved with the image so it can be re-edited at any time.  Once drawn a path can be converted to a selection – the most versatile and flexible way to make selections in Photoshop.

Masking hair
Making a convincing selection around hair or fur is a task for which Photoshop’s usual selection tools are not really suited.  This tutorial explains in detail two possible approaches and also links to some other good resources.

Here are some links to excellent external tutorials too.