What is Lightroom?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a relatively new program, created for photographers by photographers.

Lightroom is intended to simplify and manage the photographic workflow – moving images efficiently from capture through development to output as sideshows, prints or web galleries.

Someone described it as “a raw processor on steroids” but that is only tells a small part of what you can do with this wonderful tool.  A number of club members are already using Lightroom as their first port-of-call for image editing.


Why use Lightroom rather than Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

Because it’s easier!  Although there are some things, some times that you won’t be able to do in Lightroom that you can in Photoshop, for most people Lightroom may be the only tool they need to manage, edit and present their photographs.  It’s easier to learn, quicker to use and has (arguably) a much more intuitive interface.

Lightroom vs. Photoshop discussion – a movie discussing the pros & cons


Lightroom tutorials prepared specifically for club members

Catalogue Organisation – A tried-and-tested approach to organising the Lightroom Catalogue. Prepared in response to a member’s query.

Using Flags to filter your photos – Prepared in response to a member’s query.

Keyboard shortcuts you ought to know – Prepared to support “Digital Workflow using Lightroom” lectures.

Using Lightroom to prepare your images for a slideshow in PicturesToExe – Learn about using quick collections, defined collections, cropping, virtual copies and the export dialogue in Lightroom 2.

Lightroom and Flickr – If you regularly upload photos to Flickr, installing a plug-in can make your life easier. This is now built-in if you’re using Lightroom 3!

Lightroom clipping tutorial by RW

Noise reduction

Things you didn’t know you didn’t know about Lightroom – helpful tips from Roger Walton (based on a presentation given to the Club on 3rd October 2017.

Getting help with Lightroom – external links