Results for Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition 2019

This year’s annual projected image knockout competition was something of a landmark as it was the last to be managed by Roger Walton and Rob Rivron. It is (almost) inconceivable that anyone else could take over from this infamous duo with their well-rehearsed, slick, and seamless presentation. On a positive note, anyone who feels brave enough to step up to the plate has one year in which to perfect their presentation style (and the technology).

So, please volunteer!

On to the results of the competition…

The random pairing threw up some difficult choices and I am sure I detected some not-so-subtle negotiations going on in the audience to try to nudge various monochrome / landscape / wildlife / street / abstract photographs forward into future rounds, but all to no avail – the voting was as pure a form of democracy as you’ll see anywhere (except the UK, of course… Too soon?)

Click here for a PDF of round-by-round results.

Click on any image for a larger version.

All 44 images entered
Images in round 2
Images in round 3
Images in round 4
The three images that made it through to round 5
A Quiet Corner by Michèle Beverley
The Langdales by Bryan Torrington
Tuscan View by Bryan Torrington
The winner: A Quiet corner by Michèle Beverley

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