Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Annual projected image competition

Submissions by 21st May 2019.

Monochrome Interest Group: “Table top”

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG). The theme is ‘Table top’.

There will be a charge of £2 to cover the hire of the hall.

Annual print competition

Submissions by 7th May 2019.

ANNUAL LECTURE: Eamonn McCabe – ‘From Art to Selfies: A Career in Photographs’ [Main Hall]

BCC is pleased to host Eamonn McCabe for our Annual Lecture. The award winning music, sports photojournalist, picture editor at the Guardian, author and TV presenter, who will share insights into his lifelong affair with photography.


  • Members: £5
  • Non-members in advance: £8
  • Non-members on the door: £10

Monochrome Interest Group: “Broken”

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG). The theme is ‘Curves’.

There will be a charge of £2 to cover the hire of the hall.

Members’ critique 4 – Portfolio

Submissions by 16th April 2019.

Robin Whalley – ‘Lessons for landscape Ppotographers’

Landscape Photography often sounds like it should be easy but producing interesting, high quality work can be very challenging. This is particularly true if you are relatively new to the subject. In this presentation Landscape Photographer Robin Whalley shares six deceptively simple lessons that can significantly improve your landscape photography.

Monochrome Interest Group: “Shadows”

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG). The theme is ‘Shadows’.

There will be a charge of £2 to cover the hire of the hall.

Gavin Prest – ‘The Black and White World of Gavin Prest’ [Main Hall]

Prize winning master photographer from Hornsea invites us into his thought provoking, quirky, often darkly humorous and always exceptionally exposed black and white world.

Cuppa & Capture – “Steps and stairs”

Making an audio-visual presentation and members AVs

Roger Walton will lead this session on making audio-visual presentations.

There will also be an opportunity to see AV presentations made by members.

Photo Walk: details to follow…

This will be the date of the third Photo Walk – details to follow.

Monochrome Interest Group: “Abstract”

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG). The theme is ‘Abstract’.

There will be a charge of £2 to cover the hire of the hall.

Cuppa & Capture – “Above eye level”

This is an idea submitted by Trevor. The last time we tried it only 3 people attended the meeting so I thought we should do it again.

Let’s hope more people come out for what we guarantee(*) will be a lovely Spring day.

(*) Small print: the weather is not guaranteed and your experience may vary from your expectations!

Tesni Ward – ‘Working with Wildlife’ [Main Hall]

Challenging yet rewarding, Wildlife photography will push you to your limits and test even the most determined of individuals. This talk goes through some of my experiences, both good and bad and how I work to develop an extensive and varied portfolio in challenging situations.

Cuppa & Capture – “The essence of York”

This is all about what you consider to be the essence of York. Our images could show the intrinsic nature or the indispensable quality of our fair city.

Remember, it is a personal opinion – if you think an image captures York then it captures York. And if it resonates with someone else, then that’s a bonus!

Practical evening [Main Hall])

Lots of table top set-ups to photograph, provided by different club members, and a great opportunity to have fun with your camera. Whatever your interest as far as indoor photography goes, we try to arrange a wide range of scenarios for members to photograph. Expect to find anything from macro work and dry ice to portraiture.

Photo Walk: around Huggate

The second Photo Walk will be in the Wolds again, this time around Huggate.

The two important documents that you’ll need are:

For more information email: photowalk[at] (replace [at] with @).

Monochrome Interest Group: “Security”

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG). The theme is ‘Security’.

There will be a charge of £2 to cover the hire of the hall.

Cuppa & Capture – “Focus on Bridlington” day trip

This should be an interesting look at typical summer venue in a winter setting.

It is being organised by David Williamson and the outline details so far are:

Suggest we meet up at Richies Cafe Bar, Princess Mary Promenade, Bridlington YO15 3LG at 10 am.

There is free on-street parking in the streets off Marine Drive behind the cafe, but please check the signs to be sure!

We are not sure about the tide times just yet but we will have to make the most of what we find.

We will need to arrange transport sharing among ourselves closer to the day.

More details will be provided later.

Photo walk 17th Feb – details

Details of the second Photo Walk are now available – see here.

For this walk we stay in the Wolds, this time a circular walk around Huggate.

Les Forrester – ‘The Art in Architecture’ [Main Hall]

Architectural photography can be considered by some to be a sterile documentary process. In this evening’s presentation architectural photography becomes visual art when photographer Les Forrester BA Hons, ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3* presents his interpretation of the very essence and nature that various buildings and structures behold.

C&C ‘Winter flora’ gallery published

The images from the Cuppa & Capture session on ‘Winter flora’ are now available here.

Cuppa & Capture – “Winter flora”

Stamens by Alex Davidson

Given that most flora (and fauna!) hide away for the winter months this was expected to be a challenge. However, when you look at the gallery of images submitted I expect you will be as surprised as me at what was found.

Far fewer monochrome images this time – I can understand the desire to highlight the colour that could be found – but I’ve still chosen a nice one (by Alex) as the blog image.

Members’ critique 3 – VPS Club exchange

The Viewfinder Photographic Society will be with us for this members’ critique session.

Photo Walk: the Wolds around Thixendale

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of Photo Walks, kindly organised by Dave Williamson, with assistance from David Kessel.

The aim is to provide an itinerary and some logistical details and then allow folk to go at their own pace stopping to take photos wherever the muse takes them. We hope that being out and about in the countryside with other enthusiasts will lead to some creative and imaginative photography.

The walks under the aegis of the Club in much the same way as the highly successful ‘Cuppa and Capture’ and the ‘Monochrome Interest Group’, hence there is no personal indemnity.

Like C&C and MIG the sharing of images will be key and we hope also to host some critique evenings. We have also set up a Facebook page which will allow image sharing and would encourage you to post some images on a BCC Flickr page.  It is hoped that in due course there will be the opportunity to host images on the Club’s own website.

This first outing is starting from Thixendale Village.

Two important documents that you will need:

You will need to arrange your own transport to and from Thixendale, you may wish to share lifts. You need to be ready to go at 10am unless you want to make your own way around.


We have set up a BCC Photo Walks WhatsApp group to allow communication; we know this to be a straightforward , effective and reliable service. We envisage using WhatsApp to post documents and to keep you appraised of future walks. We will also use WhatsApp to post alerts e.g. if a walk needs to be cancelled on the day!

We have also created a FB page called Bishopthorpe Camera Club photo walks. You will need to request to join and will then be able to post your images from the walks in a series of albums. Here is the link to the page.

For more information email: photowalk[at] (replace [at] with @).



C&C Round Things gallery published

The gallery of photos from the Cuppa & Capture meeting on ‘Round things’ is now available here.

Monochrome Interest Group: “Adornment” [Main Hall]

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG). The theme is ‘Adornment’.

There will be a charge of £2 to cover the hire of the hall.

Cuppa & Capture – “Round things”

Window Art by Trevor Richardson

This was a nice easy theme with which to start a new year of Cuppa & Capture.

It was a really good turnout with a record number of images submitted (well, equalling the Bradford trip, but that was a ‘special’).

Given the simplicity of the theme I was expecting quite a few obvious duplications but yet again the group’s creativity is much in evidence with some very nice – and different – perspectives.


When there are 82 images to process I approach the task with some foreboding as the time it takes is directly proportional to the quality of the metadata put in with each photo. This week wasn’t too bad, but there are still some oddities – please double-check that your metadata is as described in this document. If you are unsure what to do, ask!

(Some contributors also went well over the total 5MB total limit for all photos submitted – again, please check before you send them round and reduce if necessary.)