Annual General Meeting

Annual projected image competition

Members are invited to submit images for the club’s Annual Projected Image Competition.

Please email your images to the projected image secretary by 29th May:

projimagesec(at) (please replace (at) with @).

In the subject line of your email please include your “First name / Surname / Competition name”

Monochrome Interest Group: All about food

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG).  The theme is ‘All about food’.

There will be a charge of £1 to cover the hire of the hall.

MIG web site:

Annual print competition

This is the club’s Annual Print Competition. Please submit your prints by 15th May.

Audio-Visual evening

Your chance to be creative; prepare an AV presentation and let Rob & Roger do their thing as compères!

Submission deadline: Annual projected image competition

Please submit your images for the club’s Annual Projected Image Competition by today. The event will take place at the meeting on 19th June.

Annual Lecture: Richard Revels – A close look at nature

Richard will show a lifetime’s work showcasing a wide range of Britain’s nature in close up: extreme close-ups of orchid seeds less than 1 mm long; butterfly eggs that are only slightly larger; various kinds of insects including some photographed in flight using high speed flash; fungi and lichens and other plant life; and life histories of butterflies and wasps.

The talk will also include a sequence showing a dragonfly hovering.   During the show he will explain the various techniques and equipment he uses to capture his images.

Entry costs for this lecture are:
Members: £3, Non-members in advance: £5, Non-members on the door: £6

Richard’s website:

Members’ Exhibition 2

Submission deadline: Annual print competition

Please submit your prints for the club’s Annual Print Competition by today. The event will be taking place at the meeting on 5th June.

Monochrome Interest Group: Flora & fauna

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG).  The theme is ‘Flora & fauna’.

There will be a charge of £1 to cover the hire of the hall.

MIG web site:

Paula Davies – Creative landscapes and flower photography

“I enjoy being out in the landscape pressing the shutter but get particular satisfaction from seeking out abstract images in man-made and natural objects that look like landscapes. Finding a different photo to take every day means that I often resort to photographing flowers from my garden.”

Paula’s website:

Submission deadline: Members’ Exhibition 2

Please submit your images for Members’ Exhibition 2 by today. The exhibition will be on the evening of the Annual Lecture on Tuesday 15th May.

Cuppa & Capture – “Good and Gooder”

23rd April 2018: “Good and Gooder”

A follow on from “Let’s do it all Ourselves”.

Produce 3 sets of 2 pictures:

  1. The first picture is to be a jpeg with no post-capture processing.
  2. The second picture is to be the same picture but as a jpeg from a processed RAW file using any editing software you like. This is of course to show how an image can be improved, changed or enhanced using a computer.

If you don’t normally use Photoshop, Lightroom etc. why not have a go? You could download Picassa free – or let someone have a go for you.

If you are able, send each pair together as a diptych.

For further information, please contact Rob Rivron (

*Updated* Members’ Critique 4 – Themed projected images

Members are invited to submit a set of projected images (up to 6) on your own theme.

Note that this is a change from the original plan to have prints as well.

[See website for details of submission.]


Monochrome Interest Group: Anything with wheels

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG).  The theme is ‘Anything with wheels’.

There will be a charge of £1 to cover the hire of the hall.

MIG web site:

Cuppa & Capture – “In Transit”

Dictionary definition of ‘Transit’ : ‘The carrying of people or things from one place to another.’ – so plenty of scope here!

For further information, please contact Rob Rivron (



Doug Chinnery – ‘iPhoneography’ (+ day workshop)

Doug gave our Annual Lecture last year when he encouraged us to “Dare to be Different”.  This time he is in York to give a one-day workshop using iPhones for creative photography.  This will be for up to 20 people, with priority given to BCC / Cuppa & Capture members; if there are any free places we may be able to offer it to others.

N.B. The workshop is for iPhone users only – Android users need not apply.

Doug will follow this with a talk on ‘iPhoneography’ in the evening.

Further information on the workshop, and the application form, can be found here.

Doug’s website:

Submission deadline: Members’ Critique 4

Please submit your images for Members’ Critique 4 on Themed projected images / prints by today. The event will take place at the meeting on Tuesday 17th April.

Cuppa & Capture – “Take Three”

Take 3 shots of the same subject to show it in a different way, either using different viewpoints, different processing or both!

For further information, please contact Rob Rivron (



Chris Upton – Home and away

This is a two part lecture showcasing a local social documentary project, ‘Thoresby – The End Of The Mine’, followed by a selection of Chris’ travel imagery from around the world.  Both presentations are packed with useful hints and tips.

Chris’ website:

C&C: walls – photos uploaded

The first sets of photographs from the latest Cuppa & Capture – “Walls” – have been uploaded.

Monochrome Interest Group: Candid

A meeting of the Monochrome Interest Group (MIG).  The theme is ‘Candid’.

There will be a charge of £1 to cover the hire of the hall.

MIG web site:

YENRIC 3: Small worlds

Photos from our Studio Night

Michèle has published the photos from the Club’s recent Studio Night, which was enjoyed by all!

Yorkshire Monochrome Group anniversary exhibition

The Yorkshire Monochrome Group 20th Anniversary Exhibition runs from March 13th to April 20th at Wath on Dearne Library.

Opening times
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 9am – 5pm ¦ Thu: 9am – 7pm ¦ Sat: 9am – 1pm ¦ Sun: Closed

If you want to advertise the event, a PDF version of the poster is available.

Cuppa & Capture – “Walls”

Shot from the walls by Martin Holyoak

There were many fine photos from the 15 photographers who turned out for this, despite the torrential rain. It is a testament to the hardiness of all concerned that most photos were taken outdoors even though there are plenty of internal walls that would have met the brief.


Members’ table top practical evening

BCC Studio night – by Roger Walton

Here are some photos from our highly successful Studio Night, when we thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of  all differnt kinds of things, from flowers &  shells to dry ice and people in silly hats.

PS Contrary to photographic evidence, not a single drop of alcohol was consumed!

Stereo photography

We have added a document by Trevor Richardson on stereo photography. This is based on a talk he gave at the club meeting on 20th February 2018 and is an aspect of photography in which he has had a long interest.

Available from the event details or Club Tutorials page.

Return visit to VPS

This is an opportunity to take part in a return visit to Viewfinder Photographic Society for a print critique.

Cuppa & Capture – “Let’s do it all ourselves”

Step up! by John Saunders

It was a moot point whether today’s challenge or the bitter weather were the harder part of today’s outing, the theme of which meant that we were not allowed to use any of the automatic settings on our cameras, not were we to edit anything afterwards. Back to the olden days of what you take is what you get, not clever technology doing it for you!