Programme 2017-18

Programme 2017-18 (For printed version see here and for previous years see here)

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This season’s themes:

  • Creative Photographic techniques and talks from leaders in their field
  • Encouraging and supporting everyone to contribute to critiques and competitions and more members to present short talks


05/09/2017  Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA – ‘My favourite landscapes’
“I enjoy photographing most things but I have to admit that being in lovely countryside with warm, low lighting is something that really excites me.  Alternatively, being out in wild, changeable weather can also provide some wonderful opportunities.  Some people think that landscape photography is easy as it doesn’t move, but the light often changes rapidly and you may have only a few seconds to frame up, focus and grab a shot before the light changes.  At other times you may find the perfect composition and then have to wait for the changing light in the hope that it will suddenly become perfect, if only for a few seconds.  In this talk I hope to show the occasions when I have been in the right place at the right time to catch my favourite shots.”

19/09/2017  Members’ Critique 1 – Projected images
A chance to show what we have all been up since last season. You are invited to contribute up to three images on our theme of Creative Photography (or YENRIC subjects) to get feedback on the evening. Please see guidance on how to enter Projected Images.

03/10/2017  Introducing the Basics plus Lightroom hints ‘n’ tips by Roger Walton
Our usual introduction to the most common genres and Roger Walton explaining things that are not obvious but very useful with Lightroom (the principles will be similar in other software). For copies of the presentations on ‘Introducing the Basics’ see Tutorials / Club tutorials.

17/10/2017  Andy Gray – ‘ICM: my camera as my brush’
“The why’s and the how’s of how I ended up going from regular landscape photography to making “abstract landscapes” using ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and ME (Multiple Exposure) techniques. I will display some of my favourite images and tell the stories about how they came to be, and also slip in a working example of my workflow.”

31/10/2017  Jeff Craine – ‘A history of photography in 12 Cameras’
How significantly has camera design determined the development of photography?  Exactly what impact has it had on how photographs are taken and the narratives that are attached to them?”  Jeff is an experienced lecturer and gives fascinating history perspectives on photography.  We are delighted to have have him visit for a third time.  

14/11/2017  Members’ Critique 2 – Small group discussion of prints
Members are invited to bring up to four prints (any size/type) on this year’s theme of Creative Photography to get feedback during the evening.

28/11/2017  Monochrome – Yorkshire Monochrome Group
Following the successful visit by the Yorkshire Monochrome Group last year, we have invited more YMG members to show their monochrome prints and explain their methods.

19/12/2017  Annual projected image knockout competition, plus Members’ exhibition #1
Please see guidance on how to enter projected images.


09/01/2018  Andrew Atkinson – ‘A black & white journey’ [Rearranged from 20th February]
Covering film, digital and pinhole photography I will take you through my journey as a photographer and my love for black & white. Using images taken over several years, I will demonstrate my approach, my thoughts and how I get to the final image.

23/01/2018  Steve Race – ‘Yorkshire Coast nature’  [Main Hall]
“The Yorkshire Coast is an incredible place to see a wide variety of wildlife across different habitats. From deep forests and woodlands to the beautiful purple moorland of the North York Moors National Park, along the rugged coastline and through the sweeping hills of the Yorkshire Wolds you will be amazed at what you can see. This talk tells the story behind the reasons for forming our company ‘Yorkshire Coast Nature” and the wildlife that can be found along the Yorkshire Coast.”

06/02/2018  Members’ Critique 3 – Viewfinder Photographic Society exchange  [Main Hall]
Once again we’ll welcome some Viewfinder Photographic Society members who will explain their projected images.

[The reciprocal visit to VPS in Skidby will be on 26/02/2018.]

20/02/2018  Members: ‘my hobby horse’ – *New* [Rearranged from 9th January]
Volunteers are invited to talk for ten minutes on a favourite topic.  This will be arranged before the evening so relax!

06/03/2018  Members’ tabletop practical evening, led by Michèle Beverley  [Main Hall]
Bring your camera and tripod to try out lots of activities in the hall – see the photos on the welcome page of BCC and the photos from last year – table top, flowers, studio, still life, dry ice, etc.

20/03/2018  Chris Upton – ‘Home and away’  [*Note that this is in the normal meeting room*]
This is a two part lecture showcasing a local social documentary project, ‘Thoresby – The End Of The Mine’, followed by a selection of Chris’ travel imagery from around the world. Both presentations are packed with useful hints and tips.


03/04/2018  Doug Chinnery – iPhoneography Workshop day and an evening talk ‘Continue to be different’ [Main Hall]
Link for information and to book your place on the ‘iPhoneography Workshop day.’
Doug gave our Annual Lecture last year when he encouraged us to “Dare to be Different”.  This time he is in York for a whole day to give a workshop using iPhones for creative photography for up to 20 members (although we will offer it to other people after BCC and Cuppa and Capture if needed).  The talk in the evening will extend his “Dare to be Different” theme and is for anyone interested, BCC and other clubs, not just the lucky people who get on the workshop.

17/04/2018  Members’ Critique 4 – Portfolios: digital images or prints
Members are invited to submit a set of digital images or prints (up to 6) on your own theme. See here for more details.

01/05/2018  Paula Davies FRPS EFIAP/s EPSA – ‘Creative landscapes & flower photography’
“I enjoy being out in the landscape pressing the shutter but get particular satisfaction from seeking out abstract images in man-made and natural objects that look like landscapes. I am participating in a 365 project through Finding a different photo to take every day means that I often resort to photographing flowers from my garden”.

15/05/2018  Annual Lecture: Richard Revels – ‘A close look at nature’  [Main Hall]
Members’ exhibition #2
Richard will show a wide range of Britain’s nature in close up, ranging from extreme close-up’s of Orchid seeds less than 1 mm long and butterfly eggs that are only slightly larger, to various kinds of insects including some photographed in flight using high speed flash, to fungi and Lichens and other plant life, to life histories of butterflies and wasps. It will also include a sequence of a Dragonfly hovering. During the show he will describe and show the various techniques and some of the equipment he uses to capture his images.

29/05/2018  Audio-Visual evening
Your chance to be creative; prepare an audio-visual presentation and let Rob & Roger do their thing as compères!

05/06/2018  Annual print competition

19/06/2018  Annual projected image competition

26/06/2018  Annual General Meeting


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