Autumn 2014

2nd September 2014
Introduction to Lightroom followed by before and after exemplar photos – Roger Walton

16th September 2014
Macro photography images and how to take them – Paul Gunning

23rd September 2014
Members’ Discussion Evening 1: Sharing ideas for the 3 Yenric themes later this year
Following the meeting there will be a discussion about possible changes to competitions next year.

7th October 2014
Technical Evening: colour calibration; how to prepare projected images; how to mount prints for competitions; followed by feedback on your photos.

7th October 2014 9th October 2014
Deadline for entries: Club Competition (Round 1) Projected Image A. One image to be YENRIC set subject ‘Odd One Out’.

21st October 2014
Club Competition (Round 1) – Projected Image A

Monday 3rd November 2014
YENRIC at Howden Camera Club
Leg 1: Set subject ‘Equine’

4th November 2014
Examples of good photos – advice on composition, processing and printing – Ray Brammall

18th November 2014
Landscape Images, capturing the light between the hours of dawn and dusk – Henrietta Byrne

2nd December 2014
“Stereo Mike”
Wildlife around Bempton – Mike Coultas and
A little of what you fancy – Mike Barnard
Deadline for entries: Knockout Competition Projected Images

16th December 2014
Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition
Members’ Print Exhibition 1 – General

Spring 2015

6th January 2015
Using Lightroom to process monochrome images – Roger Walton
Deadline for entries: Club Competition (Round 2) Prints

Monday 19th January 2015
YENRIC Hosted by Bishopthorpe Camera Club at Howden Camera Club
Leg 2: Set subject ‘Odd one out’

20th January 2015
Club Competition (Round 2) – Prints

3rd February 2015 (Main Hall)
Members’ Practical Evening of table top and still-life including making print mounts
Deadline for Club Competition (Round 3) Projected Image B

17th February 2015
Club Competition (Round 3) – Projected Image B

3rd March 2015 see below
Chasing the Light – Tracey Whitefoot – Postponed until (hopefully) next Year – apologies from Tracey but she is on a trip
Tracey talks about her commercial and creative work and her passion for landscape photography with examples from Norway and Iceland.

3rd March 2015
Sanjay Gupta  – The Mystical Kumbh Mela, a photographic pilgrimage

The Maha Kumbh Mela, the largest religious gathering on the planet, occurs four times every 12 years, when tens of millions of Hindu pilgrims and holy men (sadhus) come together to take a ceremonial dip in the sacred Ganges. In 2013, I too, made this life changing pilgrimage and through my photographs, I hope to share what I saw and felt and how it transformed me forever.

17th March 2015
Members’ Discussion Evening 2: Monochrome projected images and prints
Bring your own images for informal discussion.

7th April 2015
My Way 5 – Keaton Roebuck
Keaton brings a box of colour and a box of mono prints and discusses them in his own unique way.
Deadline for entries: Club Competition (Round 4) Portfolios

21st April 2015
Club Competition (Round 4) – Portfolio Competition
Prints or Digital Project Images

5th May 2015
Monochrome Landscapes Lecture (in Main Hall) – Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher has been dedicated to the pursuit of the fine black and white images for over twenty-five years and has seen two books published. We will be inviting other photography clubs to join us to listen to Paul talk about his experiences in the field and show his methods of post processing his images.
Poster and downloads here

Members’ Print Exhibition 2 – Monochrome Landscape

19th May 2015
Life as a Wedding Photographer – Annemarie King
Annemarie has 24 years experience of shooting weddings and will talk about what influences her work, her imagery, how she works on a wedding day and how she polishes her work in post production.
Deadline for entries: Club Annual Print Competition

2nd June 2015
Annual Print Competition
Deadline for entries: Club Annual Projected Image Competition

16th June 2015
Annual Projected Image Competition

23rd June 2015
Annual General Meeting