Programme 2016-17

Programme 2016-17 (For printed version see here and for previous years see here)

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This season’s themes:

  • Learn to take better photos and produce better prints
  • Sharing our photos and looking after them
  • To further develop our critique evenings 
  • Chosen subjects this year are People, Landscapes, Architecture and Monochrome

First half of season has been moved down the page.

03/01/17  Roger Walton – “What the DAM?”
How to make sure (as far as possible) that your digital images are safely stored and can be easily shared e.g. on Flickr.

17/01/17  (Hall)   Des Ong – “Captivating Nature – Wildlife of Britain & Beyond”.
The audience will be taken to the snowy mountains of Norway, then travel south through Britain and other temperate regions before arriving in the tropical rain forest of Borneo.

23/01/17  (Howden) YENRIC 2 – “Boundaries”

07/02/17  Members’ Critique 3 – Club Exchange (plus a Monday this Month)
The Viewfinder Photographic Society is a friendly club of enthusiasts who meet regularly to support each other, exchange ideas and share expertise, with the sole aim of enjoying our photography.  Sound familiar?  We will welcome colleagues from Skidby (nr Beverley) to show and explain some of their projected images, then join us for a mini print critique in groups.   Would you like to join us for a return visit later in the month?

13/02/17  MONDAY – Club Exchange visit to Skidby
Return visit to Skidby:

21/02/17  (Hall)  Martine Hamilton Knight D.LITT (HON), ARPS – “Life as an Architectural Photographer”
Martine Hamilton Knight Dlitt (hon) is a commercial architectural photographer whose work has been widely published for the last 26 years.  She will be talking about life as an architectural photographer, the challenges of the medium and showing highlights of her work including BDP’s Heslington East Campus at The University of York which won several design awards when it was completed.

06/03/17  (Howden) YENRIC 3 – “Memories”

07/03/17  (Hall)  Members’ Practical Evening
One of the highlights of our calendar.  Bring your camera and tripod to try out lots of activities in the hall – see the photos on the welcome page of BCC – table top, flowers, studio, still life, liquid nitrogen etc. Led by Michèle Beverley.

21/03/17  John Potter – “Creative Landscape Photography with a Sprinkling of Wildlife”
We welcome John back with a talk that links last year’s theme of “Being Creative” with this year’s “Landscape Theme”.  How much will he agree with Doug Chinnery?     

04/04/17  My Next Favourite Photo – Members
Following last year’s inspiring “My Favourite Photo”, you are invited to talk about your second favourite or perhaps new favourite photo or photographer.

18/04/17  Members’ Critique 4 – Themed Projected Images/Prints
Members are invited to submit a set of prints or projected images (up to 6) on a theme of their choosing, perhaps a personal project or images telling a story. You are invited to introduce the images and then discuss them with the audience.

02/05/17  Alan Brown – “More than meets the eye?”
An interactive session, using projected images and prints chosen primarily for their potential to help examine a host of questions. These include: Does what you see depend upon where you stand? Has the centre of gravity of photography shifted? What does the disappearance of the Mona Lisa tell us about how we view photographs? …

16/05/17  (Hall)   Annual Lecture  – Mark Littlejohn – “Out of the Woods” /  Exhibition 2
Link to details of our Annual Lecture

Trees and Woodlands have been a favourite subject for some years now. My talk is split into approaches towards single trees and their dynamic within the landscape, arrangements of smaller groups and their relationships with each other and finally woods themselves with their often primordial atmosphere.

Members Exhibition 2

06/06/17  Annual Print Competition

20/06/17  Annual Projected Image Competition

27/06/17  Annual General Meeting


06/09/16  Lizzie Shepherd – “Unremarkable scenes”
An exploration of the less spectacular and everyday scenes that are so easily passed by but, once seen and appreciated, can be so much more rewarding for both the photographer and the viewer. The emphasis is on developing your vision in your local patch and adapting this approach for your photography further afield.

20/09/16  Members – “Introducing the basics of taking better photographs”.  
First half will be talks to explain the basics of taking photographs of Landscape, People,  Monochrome, followed by an Architecture slideshow.
Second half – members invited to bring in cameras and other hardware and be able to ask questions.

04/10/16  Roger Walton – “What to do with your images once you’ve taken them”
Roger will demonstrate how to import, process and share photos using Lightroom (although principles will be very similar in other software) followed by explaining printing and Trevor explaining how to get prints done online.  A demonstration of making a mount in the interval too…

18/10/16  Members’ Critique 1 – Projected Images
You are invited to contribute up to three images on our four themes – People, Landscapes, Architecture and Monochrome to get feedback on the evening.  Please email your images to the projected image secretary (see website).

01/11/16  Paul Webster – Made in the North (Portraits)
Paul Wolfgang Webster is from a northern working town his first job after leaving school was working in a local cotton mill. After starting a night school course in photography Paul picked up the camera and started a small photographic project in his hometown of Rochdale in 1989.  His first subject was the steeplejack Fred Dibnah. Some twenty-eight years later he now has 5 Photographic Portraits in The National Portrait Gallery, London permanent collection.

07/11/16 (Howden) YENRIC 1 – “Solitude”

15/11/16  Members’ Critique 2 – Small group discussion of prints
You are invited to bring up to four prints (any size/type) on our four themes – People, Landscapes, Architecture and Monochrome to get feedback on the evening.  Hopefully you will be able to use ideas from the Basics evening and from Roger and Trevor earlier in the season.

29/11/16  Yorkshire Monochrome Group
Following Stephen Dean’s successful visit last year, and the creation of the Monochrome Interest Group by Roger and colleagues, we have invited more YMG members to show their monochrome prints and explain their methods.

13/12/16  Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition / Exhibition 1

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