Here is an overview of the Club’s programme of meetings for this year. See the Calendar section of this website (view meetings by month or as a list) or our Facebook page for more details and up-to-date information about these.

A one-page PDF version is available here (updated 2019-11-18).

Members are advised to check the appeal of each speaker’s work on their website (when available) and any examples given on the relevant details page (follow ‘See more…‘ links), or on the BCC Facebook page, in advance of the meeting.


03/09/2019 A review of BCC Outings & Photo Walks (See more…)
The curtain raiser to the season is a celebration images captured during some of Bishopthorpe Camera Club’s organised activities.

Alex Davidson kicks off with shots from the club outings and a discussion of future options

Dave Williamson will share pictures from the photowalks which were introduced this year.

17/09/2019 Ian Wray – ‘Capturing the Moment’ (See more…)
Ian is a Leeds based semi-professional photographer. “The thing which really fascinates me about photography, and which sets the medium apart from other graphic arts, is the camera’s ability to capture a true record of a moment in time.”

The presentation focuses on Ian’s street photography, street portraiture and documentary projects. It features work from around his home city of Leeds, as well as images taken further afield.

“The subjects of my documentary projects include events and institutions; pubs, cafes, a cattle market etc, with emphasis on the fascinating characters who bring these places to life.”

01/10/2019 Members’ Critique 1: Projected Images (See more…)
Members will be invited to submit projected images for constructive feedback in the usual way.

This year, members will have the opportunity to submit unprocessed and edited versions of images. Prior to the session, the moderator(s) will themselves also edit the unprocessed image without first viewing the photographer’s interpretation, and the two edited versions will be compared in a friendly and constructive fashion, with input and ideas from the audience about how to optimise the images.

15/10/2019 David Bradley – ‘The Road to Everest: Earthquakes and Emboli’ (See more…)
David was persuaded into high altitude mountaineering in his mid fifties by his son. A love of mountains and an emerging love of landscape photography made it difficult for him to refuse. What followed was a roller coaster of success and failure, natural disasters, illness and sadly a number of deaths. David is now working his way through the Scottish Munros and planning his next long distance cycling trips. His photographs tell the story.

29/10/2019 Duncan Lomax – ‘York Minster and Beyond: An Insight into the World of Commercial Photography’ (See more…)
“I’m a full-time commercial photographer based in York, working for a variety of different clients ranging from architects to zoos (see what I did there), and everything in-between including York Minster, where I’ve had the privilege of documenting the life of the cathedral and the people who work there and visit.

I love the fact that photography is my job, but I’ve still no idea how I got here, so looking forward to meeting everyone at the club to see if I can work it out!”

12/11/2019 Members’ Critique 2: Printed Images (See more…)
The second of the season’s critiques is printed images, which can be brought along on the night. As usual, the format will be friendly and supportive, involving round table discussions with a moderator at each table. Members will have the opportunity to discuss their prints and receive feedback on alternative interpretations that might strengthen the image.

Led by Andy Towse.

26/11/2019 Barry Oddie – ‘Who’ve You Brought Back This Time?’ (See more…)
Barry Oddie is a photographer from Thurnscoe in South Yorkshire who specialises in portraits and street photography exclusively in monochrome. He ‘just loves photography’ and usually carries a camera with him. Barry has a studio in his garage and often brings folk back to sit for a portrait hence the title of the talk.

10/12/2019 Mike Smith – ‘A Colourful Passion’ (See more…)
Mike Smith is an enthusiastic amateur photographer from Ripon. He started off 30 plus years ago shooting slide film on a Zenith camera but lost interest for many years. His passion for photography was rekindled with the advent of the digital era winning a competition with a shot used for Yorkshire crisps. Since then Mike’s pictures have been published in several journals and had success in other competitions. Mike is often out before the sunrise to capture the dawn and his varied portfolio includes landscape, seasonal colours, waterfalls and flowers.

17/12/2019 Projected Image Knockout Competition (See more…)
Christmas brings the return of the Club’s lighthearted ‘It’s A Knockout’ contest hosted as ever by BCC’s very own Two Rs the inimitable duo of Rob Rivron and Roger Walton.

Details on how to enter will be circulated nearer the time.


07/01/2020 Presenting Your Work [Main Hall] (See more…)
Following on from the success of last year’s session Graham has again taken on the mantle of organiser of ‘Presenting Your Work’. This year we will be in the hall so it will be bigger and better.

Watch out for announcements nearer the time

21/01/2020 Short Presentations (See more…)
Once again we are looking forward to an evening of short talks that showcase members’ work and passion for subjects close to their hearts.

Further details closer to the time.

04/02/2020 Members’ Critique 3: Themed Projected Images/Prints [Main Hall] (See more…)
The final critique of the season is themed images. Members will be invited to submit a series of 3 or more images that are intended to be viewed together, either as prints or as projected images, with a plan of how they should be displayed. The series might include independent images on a similar theme, or images taken as part of a specific project. The moderators and audience will be invited to provide feedback on both the impact of the individual images and the arrangement of the group of images as a coherent body of work.

18/02/2020 Hands-on Studio / Practical Evening [Main Hall] (See more…)
Bryan Oxley has nobly taken up the challenge of organising this year’s practical evening. There will be a range of stations with opportunities for everyone to take pictures. This year we hope to have the exciting opportunity to photograph some models from the Youth Theatre in exchange for digital images for their portfolios.

03/03/2020 Victor Vieira – ‘The Victor Vieira Experience’ [Main Hall] (See more…)
French chef turned talented photographer, Victor Vieira will share images covering his entire photographic journey. Victor loves to spend time creating stunning macro photography. But his range includes people, long exposure landscape photography and, in winter at home, making some amazing pictures with drops of water.

17/03/2020 Making an AV and Members AVs (See more…)
Once again Roger Walton will be compering an evening of members’ AV presentations along with tips and tricks on how to make them. Last year’s session was well received – let’s see if we can make this year even better.

31/03/2020 Koshy Johnson – ‘A Whole Wide World of Wildlife’ [Main Hall] (See more…)
Koshy became interested in nature photography in the late 1990s, getting hooked on birds in flight. He did a RPS Fellowship panel on ‘Birds in flight’ in 2000, on slide film. Since then he has been doing all aspects of wildlife but still loving capturing birds in flight. Koshy has frequently travelled to India and recently to Africa, but he is also interested in places closer to home, e.g. Bempton cliffs. He occasionally dabbles in travel photography.

14/04/2020 Neil Hulme – ‘Moments in Monochrome’ [Main Hall] (See more…)
B&W Minimalism
Based in the north west of England, Neil Hulme is a self taught black and white photographer often using long exposures to focus on the essential elements of the scene before him. There is a beautiful simplicity in the minimalist approach to his work, which produces an air of calm and serenity, allowing the viewer to feel the sense of solitude he is attempting to convey. The subtle and perfectly balanced use of monochrome tones and contrast add much to an other worldly mood and sense of abstraction in his interpretation of the landscape.


28/04/2020 ANNUAL LECTURE: Paul Berriff – ‘A Life in Pictures – 50 years Behind the Lens’ [Main Hall] (See more…)
This promises to be a fascinating and moving presentation of Paul’s life and times with both his still and movie cameras. It features his photographic work with legendary pop groups and amazing stories and adventures while filming TV documentaries from James Bond to NASA astronauts. Paul has cheated death four times and tells the gripping stories of his amazing escapes including the dramatic story of that tragic day in New York when both the Twin Towers collapsed on top of him. Paul is the only British survivor of the collapse of both the Twin Towers on 9/11.

12/05/2020 Annual Print Competition (See more…)

26/05/2020 Annual Projected Image Competition [Main Hall] (See more…)

9/06/2020 ‘All our own work’. [Main Hall] (See more…)

16/06/2020 Annual General Meeting (See more…)

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