Report on “Show and Tell” for our Autumn Projects – Tuesday 5th November 2013

Using what you have learnt so far this season, we invite you to offer the results of your project(s) for discussion at this session. No right or wrong answers, just further feedback from the project leaders and group discussion to move us all further on with our craft.

Thank you to all members who emailed in their project pictures.  We reviewed most of them in the following categories – Trees; Wildlife; Fireworks and Fungi, using the following criteria:

1. Light
2. Viewpoint
3. Depth of Field / Shutter Speed
4. Composition
5. The Decisive Moment…

We started with these:

The second half was choosing one of each category and showing the post processing steps in lightroom.

See my blog for the details for detailed instructions on LR processing for trees, wildlife and fireworks here.

Here are the members discussing WWL and WBBI (What We Liked and Would Be Better Ifs…):


and a thank you from Hazel:



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