Report on Autumn Projects (No 2) “Deer” and (No 3) “Fireworks” and Fungi and Seals – 15th October 2013

2 THREE more BCC members, Helen Jones and Chris Sharples, lead you through how to take great photos at this time of the year. We learn best by trying things out and the meetings so far have given you the start you need, for the show-and-tell on 5th November – pick a project (s?) and have a go…  *Roger Poyser will also be joining us for Fungi and Seals…”

*At the club committee meeting this evening we reviewed the programme for the next couple of months and decided that we could delay the entry deadline date for the Print Competition on Tuesday 19th November*
“It was great that all of them explained how to take photographs of their subjects as well as showing excellent images as examples. There were lots of people taking notes- a good sign of the teaching aspect.  No doubt everyone who goes to Studley Royal on Monday will now take excellent images of deer giving Helen stiff competition at the next club competition!!”

A few key points to consider when photographing deer:

  • Deer are more active early morning and late evening (see “Red deer at dawn” and “fallow buck in morning light”)
  • Consider their “circle of fear” and don’t get too close or box the deer in
  • Don’t walk straight towards deer – approach obliquely. If the deer seem alarmed, stop, freeze and be patient (See “Roe buck, Islay”)
  • For wild deer, stay downwind, wear natural coloured, non-rustling clothing, keep quiet and keep below the horizon. You can use the car as a hide (prioritise road safety!) (See “Red deer in winter, Glen Garry”)
  • Always focus on the eye and get a catchlight where possible (see “Red deer stag at Studley Royal”)
  • Often you need a high ISO due to the low light at dusk or dawn and the need for fast shutter speeds to avoid movement blur.
  • Select aperture for a depth of field to throw the background out of focus, but keep enough of the deer in focus (different for head on / side-on shots) (See “Red Deer stag”)
  • Watch your background for distractions, especially other photographers!
  • Always consider safety. Bear in mind that stags can be dangerous, especially at this time of year (see “Sika stag”)
  • Never photograph any wild animal if by doing so you are frightening or disturbing it.
Slide1Please click on the fireworks image for the Fireworks article.






And a useful link from Roger W (useful as it would have been a great deal of effort to transfer Roger P’s slides to the web…)

Photographing Fungi

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