Photo walk 17th Feb – details

Details of the second Photo Walk are now available – see here. For this walk we stay in the Wolds, this time a circular walk around Huggate.

C&C ‘Winter flora’ gallery published

The images from the Cuppa & Capture session on ‘Winter flora’ are now available here.

C&C Round Things gallery published

The gallery of photos from the Cuppa & Capture meeting on ‘Round things’ is now available here.

NEW: Photo Walks

Details of the first Photo Walk (starting at Thixendale) have been posted – see here for details. You can check on the dates of more Photo Walks by checking the Events Calendar using this link.

Results for Annual Projected Knockout Competition – 18th December 2018

Click here for a pdf of round by round results. Congratulations to Martin for winning through this tough competition yet again (please note that any suggestion of a fix will be strenuously denied!) and of course thanks to everyone who took

Cuppa & Capture – Spring 2019

The themes for the first Cuppa & Capture meetings of 2019 (starting on 14th January) are now available. They can be found here.

Updated: projected image resolution

The Club’s new projector uses a higher resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels so members submitting images to critiques, competitions (or Cuppa & Capture) should update their image workflow steps to make use of this. The instructions on how to

C&C ‘There’s no-one here’ gallery published

“Metalwork” C&C gallery available

The photos from the the Cuppa & Capture on 19th November – Metalwork – are now available.

“Red” C&C photos published

The gallery of photos from the ‘red’-themed Cuppa & Capture is now online here.

Photos from Studley Royal trip available

Photos from the C&C Studley Royal trip have been made available here.

“Bradford or bust” gallery published

The gallery from the special Cuppa & Capture day out to Bradford is now online: Bradford or Bust!

C&C ‘Opposites’ gallery published

The latest set of images from the merry band of Cuppa & Capturers, on the theme of ‘opposites’ is available here.

New C&C outing!

A trip to Studley Royal to photograph the rut has been organised – see here for details.

C&C ‘Rough & smooth’ gallery published

The photos submitted as a result of the Cuppa & Capture social event on Monday 24th September are now on the website here.

PDF version of 2018-9 programme available

The PDF version of the BCC 2018-10 programme is now available. This is designed to be used as an A5 leaflet – just print it double-sided (on the short-side) and fold down the centre. The PDF is available from the

C&C ‘Car details’ gallery published

The images from the first Cuppa & Capture of the new season, with the theme of “Car details”, are now available in this gallery.

Changes for the 2018-19 season

The new season is nearly upon us, starting on 4th September with a review of Cuppa & Capture and Monochrome Interest Group in 2017-18. In preparation for the new season the website has been updated with the changes agreed at

2018-19 programme details

The outline programme for 2018-19 is now available on the website. A PDF version for printing will be prepared for the start of the new year on 4th September. Remember to check the Events calendar regularly to see all the

C&C ‘Adornment’ images available

The images from the Cuppa & Capture outing on 23rd July are available here. The theme was “adornment”.

C&C images of ‘entrances’ available

The gallery of images from the latest Cuppa & Capture on “entrances” has been published – it is available here.

Results of annual print competition 2018

The results of the annual print competition for 2018 can be found in this PDF document. There were two competitions on the night: colour and monochrome.

Results of annual projected image competitions 2018

The 2017-18 annual projected image competitions – for monochrome and colour – were held on 19th June 2018. In the galleries below you will see those images that received recognition on the night. The images in each gallery are in

C&C ‘Dogs’ gallery now available

The images submitted for the Cuppa & Capture on 25th July, subject ‘Dogs’ are now online:

Latest C&C photos available

The photographs from the Cuppa & Capture assignment on ‘Bark (of trees not dogs)’  are now available Cuppa & Capture – “Bark”

New version of Nik released

There is good news today of a new release of the Nik Collection software that so many of us use. The bad news is that there is a price: £39.99 (£59 from 1st July 2018). I saw the announcement here ,

Late update: C&C gallery ‘Modernity’

I forgot to announce the publication of the gallery from the C&C meeting on 21st May – the theme was “modernity”. Cuppa & Capture – “Modernity”  

Latest C&C gallery available: ‘Good and gooder’

The photographs from the latest Cuppa & Capture assignment – Good and gooder – are now available. (And before you submit comments about the incorrect grammar in the title, let’s just say Rob has his own particular – peculiar? –

Annual lecture – tickets going fast!

The BCC Annual Lecture with Richard Revels, FRPS, is getting ever closer – it’s on the 15th May. For more details see here. As of today (20th April) tickets are still available but it would be a shame to leave

C&C ‘In Transit’ gallery available

The first tranche of photos for this week’s Cuppa & Capture with the theme “In transit” has been published: available here.