Report on Cuppa & Capture – “Tiptoe through the Tulips”- Thursday 8th May 2014

A good number of us met at Burnby Hall Gardens, along with members of Driffield’s C & C group. Lots of tea was drunk before it was fit to be outside and there was also a very useful tent with a wonderful display of cut tulips, which enabled us to take close-ups of tulips without them being blown in the wind. We were certainly spoilt for choice today, as there were masses of tulips planted in borders and containers, as well as other flowers, various birds, pleasant scenes and, of course, each other to take pictures of. Extra focus was given to our photography as Roger W had been deputed to make an AV presentation of our day on the AV evening  coming up (10th June).

Natural cross-section_Roger Walton

Natural cross-section_Roger Walton

Some of our photos are below.



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