Report on Cuppa & Capture- Monday 1st September 2014 – “Close-up”

It took us a very long time to progress beyond the garden of King’s Manor today, so busy we were photographing flowers, ferns and insects. It was a lovely day, and fairly calm, so that helped when we were trying to get in close to things which move. Some of us had macro lenses, some not, but we all did our best with our available kit, and a few quirky photos were submitted as usual. Rob was sporting his new camera and was like the cat who got the cream combined with a dog with two tails as he discovered how amazingly close he could get to subjects: no doubt a future C&C will be  entitled “Telephoto” so we can witness the full range of his lens! (Sorry. no advertising here- you’ll have to ask him what it is.) All in all, another excellent day with a very wide variety of subjects taken.

Bear's Breeches_Michele_Beverley

Bear’s Breeches_Michele_Beverley

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