Report on Cuppa & Capture – 26th January 2015 – “Three Views from the Same Spot “

Another day with icy winds greeted us, but we were denied access to one of our normal spots for such days, as the first lady bishop was being created in the Minster. The quick-witted amongst us were there in time to get some good shots, but the late arrivals only had unphotogenic, wind-blown white surplices as their subjects.

Today’s topic of three photos from the same spot had an extra challenge for some of us as further learning was required in putting them together in a triptych. Tthis has worked remarkably well even when shrunk into the size required for these pages., though some formats are better than others: something to learn for another time.

First Woman Bishop with the Archbishop-Rob Rivron

First Woman Bishop with the Archbishop-Rob Rivron



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