Report on Cuppa & Capture – 12th January 2015 – “Public Spaces”

Here are a few comments from the stalwarts who braved the cold for today’s venture in York: note that they are nicely “on message” following Roger Walton’s excellent talk on monochrome photography!

“Challenging as usual, but an important discipline in developing as photographers.  And fun, too!”

“After the coldest day so far (or so it seemed) for C&C I trust you have all thawed out. Even Roger W said it was cold!…. I have to admit it did somewhat curtail my outdoor activities, forcing me back in early to drink coffee and eat cake.”

“Given the temperature, most of mine were inside – but very public; never seen the Minster so empty!”

“A bit quiet in town, but at least dry! Another bit of a challenge to try to find the unusual or offbeat.”

Public walking space - Steve Hogg

Public walking space – Steve Hogg




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