Cuppa and Capture

This is an additional activity to our regular meetings and competitions.  There is an open invitatation to club members to meet at 12.00pm Mondays every fortnight, to take photos on a shared topic.  And there’s a cup of tea too…

Talk at a meeting to Rob or Michèle to find out more – or email cuppa+capture [at] (replace [at] with @)

Check the entries in the Events calendar for details of forthcoming outings and reports of past events.

For a full list of past events with links to their reports with images see the “Cuppa & Capture – the history” page.

If you are sending images in, a reminder that they need to be cropped the same as for projected image competitions, that is:

Image resolution must be 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high to fit the projector screen in landscape exactly (set as “width and height” in Lightroom or PS Elements). This is 4×3 (1:1.33) if adjusting in Lightroom > Develop > Cropping.

Or, for portrait shots, 1200 pixels high and 900 pixels wide (max).  OR a made up ratio which will not fill the screen exactly.

It is important that you insert title and author metadata in the correct way to make it easier to collate all submissions into a gallery on this website – see C&C metadata instructions here.

Filenames should also confirm to the layout: ‘Image Title – Firstname Surname.jpg’

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