Hanging Plan

This shows how you can download and use a Lightroom preset to create a single image to show your hanging plan for your portfolio – either print or projected image:

The red numbers just indicate that you need to name your files with each image numbered 01, 02, 03 – 06 and the generic title of the portfolio. eg. 01 Thorpe Perrow.  These will not be shown when presented, they are just for getting the order right.


Step 1: download the preset here (right click and save target as) – Hanging_display_template_x6_landscape.lrtemplate

Step 2: place it into your print preset folder.  The default is similar to
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Print Templates\User Templates
but ‘User’ will be specific to your machine.
An alternative is to open Lightroom; click Edit > Preferences ; click Show Lightroom Presets folder and choose the Lightroom Settings folder then Print Templates.  Copy and paste Hanging_display_template_x6_landscape.lrtemplate into here.

Step 3: Start Lightroom;

> Select the Print Module
> Select your six images in the order you want (if needed, add to Quick collection, move them about and select from there.)
> On the left, select the template Hanging_display_template_x6_landscape.lrtemplate
> on the right, Print to “JPG File”
> Click print to file and select the folder you want to save it to.


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  1. Roger walton says:

    Nice clear instructions

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