Entering Projected Image Competitions and Critiques

Rules for submission to both Projected Image Knockout Competition and Annual Projected Image competition:

Please carry out the following steps:

  • Projected Image Knockout Competition:
    1. Number of images: up to 2 images can be entered.
    2. Please indicate which is first choice and which is second choice.
    3.   Images can be colour or monochrome.
  • Annual Projected Image Competition:
    1. Number of images: up to 3 monochrome and 3 colour images can be entered.
    2. Please indicate your priority order: 1,2,3 because in the event of there being a high number of entries the “Number 3’s” may have to be left out of the competition.

The following steps apply to Knockout and Annual Competitions, as well as Critiques:

  1. Resolution:  The resolution of your images must be compatible with our projector screen, which is 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. Images in a 4:3 landscape aspect ratio will fit exactly; images with other aspect ratios may be shorter or narrower, for example a square image should be 1050×1050 (and will reach the top but not the sides.  A postbox image will reach the sides but not the top).
  2. Email:  Entries should be emailed to the competition secretary projimagesec[at]bishopthorpe-camera-club.com (please replace [at] with @) by the due date! Pls send it earlier if you can. See Programme. In the subject line of your email please include your “First name /  Surname / Competition name”
  3. Metadata: Entries should have the Image Title written in the Caption metadata in capital letters when they are exported or saved.  All entries are judged anonymously so please don’t include your name or any watermark or copyright notices in the image.
  4. Agreement for use on website:  By entering the competition, you are agreeing to your images being used on the website as part of the competition display like the cuppa and capture galleries.  Every image will have a central bcc watermark.  If you have a particular outstanding image you may choose to not have it displayed but too many negative choices makes it difficult to manage.

Cropping: In the develop module use the Crop overlay.  Use 4:3 to exactly match the projector dimensions or custom to suit the image -see 3 above lightroomexportscreenshot
Here is a screenshot  that shows the correct settings for Lightroom in the Export box.  Lightroom will cope with any aspect of image with “Width and Height” W=1400 and H=1050, and will keep the image aspect ratio correctly to fit these dimensions. Ignore the resolution tickbox.  For convenience we have ready-made a Lightroom preset. To use it, download it here , extract, COPY and then paste into Lightroom using Lightroom>Edit> Preferences> Presets > Show Lightroom presets folder > Click > Lightroom > Export Presets > User Presets > PASTE.  This then shows as a preset in Export called BCC PI Comps caption-title 1400-1050px Oct 2014-.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 
File > File info > Description is the same as Caption.  Crop Tool sets the size.  Resize and put the dimensions in being sure to tick constrain proportions tickbox.  Ignore the resolution tickbox.

Another (free) possibility is to use Irfanview. To use it, open the photograph, and then use Image > Resize/Resample, where for a portrait image set height = 1050, and for a landscape set width = 1400. Then use Save As to create a correctly sized image (use 100% jpeg for the best quality).



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