About our Competitions

Our competitions provide an opportunity to share our photographs with other club members while also hearing an independent assessment of them.  The judges comments are often  informative and useful pointers to how we might improve.

There are a number of competitions held each club year. See the Programme page for details of the competitions taking place in the current year. Our competitions usually take one of the following formats:

  • Projected image competitions. Visit this page for instructions on how to prepare and submit images.
  • Print competitions, for mounted prints. Visit this page for instructions on how to prepare and submit prints.
  • Knockout competitions – “fun” events, not to be taken too seriously!
  • Portfolio competitions – 6 prints (mounted) or 6 projected images on a theme of the author’s choosing.

In all competitions, except the Knockout which is judged by the audience, we invite judges to give additional marks for “Imagination”. Visit this page for more info about how competitions are judged.

The “Club Competition” aggregates marks from Print, Projected image and Portfolio competitions which take place during the season.  This is separate from Annual competitions and the Knockout competition.  The member who has the highest aggregate imagination marks through the year from all competitions will receive the Tom Duston memorial bowl.