York Monochrome Interest Group

The group meetings run throughout the same season as the BCC, from October to June, on an alternate Tuesday to the BCC meetings.

The meetings run from 7.30 to 9.00 pm in the usual venue. There will be a meeting fee of £2 to cover cost of the venue.

To make it clear, these are the dates in 2018/19:
9 Oct, 20 Nov, (no meeting in Dec), 15 Jan, 12 Feb, 12 Mar, 9 Apr, 7 May, and 4 Jun.
See the Events calendar for details.

Having taken “soundings” and advice from interested parties and from other similar groups, the “programme” will allow plenty of time for members to discuss and comment on their own and other images.

  • In addition, we hope to have a short (say 30 minutes) “teaching time” on matters related to B&W processing and presentation
  • also a regular “show and tell” where one or more members discuss how they took and processed one of their images.
  • Other ideas include, perhaps, a practical monochrome portrait session and one or more set‐subject “homework” assignments.

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