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Report on Cuppa & Capture – 26th January 2015 – “Three Views from the Same Spot “

Another day with icy winds greeted us, but we were denied access to one of our normal spots for such days, as the first lady bishop was being created in the Minster. The quick-witted amongst us were there in time

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 12th January 2015 – “Public Spaces”

Here are a few comments from the stalwarts who braved the cold for today’s venture in York: note that they are nicely “on message” following Roger Walton’s excellent talk on monochrome photography! “Challenging as usual, but an important discipline in

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 5th January 2015 – “Security”

I bumped into a few Cuppa & Capturers as I patrolled the streets of York looking for subjects for today’s topic and they, like me, were all a bit gloomy about their prospects of success. However, results proved otherwise, as

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 24th November – ” Street Photography”

A nice day (for November) brought our members out in force and we all enjoyed a good day snapping away. Some of us are more confident than others when photographing strangers, but there’s nothing like practice to bring that about.

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 10th November 2014 – “Mood”

We met in somewhat gloomy mood, all a little depressed at the task Rob had assigned us, but our spirits didn’t remain low for long as we got to grips with our subject and found plenty of inspiration in our

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 13th October 2014 – “Architectural Detail”

  Eight hardy capturers ignored the weather forecast and braved the stormy conditions to pursue their interest in photography. Actually, as will be seen by the results most of us worked inside the Minster! Sadly two members were not prepared

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 15th September 2014 – “Contrasts”

The overcast sky failed to deter the 11 capturers even when at one point Rob counted 50 actual raindrops fall on his personage. On the whole the weather was fairly good though with the sun breaking through for a total

Report on Cuppa & Capture- Monday 1st September 2014 – “Close-up”

It took us a very long time to progress beyond the garden of King’s Manor today, so busy we were photographing flowers, ferns and insects. It was a lovely day, and fairly calm, so that helped when we were trying

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 18th August 2014 – “Blue”

We’ve got rather used, in recent weeks, to  a sky of Blue to accompany our outing, but today we had to manage without it.  15 of us gathered to see how inventive we could be with the the subject and,

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 4th August 2014 – “Places of Refreshment”

Yet again superb weather helped to make this session very enjoyable. We first talked about ideas for the theme which was very useful. York was extremely busy but it didn’t put off the Capturers. (at least I don’t think it

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 21st July 2014 – “Focus on Knaresborough”

Another beautiful day dawned for us to pay a return visit to Knaresborough, just as if it was always like that for C & C. We enjoyed the many murals that appear in the summer in windows and on walls,

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Monday 7th July 2014 -“Watery Things”

The third C&C in a row with fine wether? Tht must be a bit of a record. Now why, with all these waterlilies, did people choose the same ones to photograph? Was it something to do with not wanting to

Report on Cuppa & Capture-Monday 23rd June 2014 – “Watching”

It was disappointing for Rob to spot that two of the capturers had stopped at the local Pub as he neared the Lotherton Hall Bird Garden to start the day. (They shall remain nameless….) But what a good day we

Report on Cuppa & Capture- THURSDAY 12th June 2014 – “Land, Sea and Air”

Well, the capturers (at least those that attended) had a wonderful time this week basking in glorious sunshine at Costa del Filey. Some excellent images were captured and joy upon joy – both Roger (W) and Bryan (O) retrieved their

Report on Cuppa & Capture – Tuesday 27th May 2014 – “Symmetry”

Once again the weather threatened us with rain but managed to hold off until we had finished.  Some interesting interpretations created by members using lateral thinking and Photoshop! Alet was getting into the spirit of the long-awaited Tour de France

Cuppa & Capture – “Why haven’t I noticed this before?” – Monday 12th May 2014

We were few in number today following the good turnout at Burnby Hall. We seemed to gravitate to Holy Trinity and churchyard behind Goodramgate- all except one of us have lived in York for many years without having explored it

Report on Cuppa & Capture- “Six”- TUESDAY 22nd April 2014

Eight of us defied the unpromising skies and poor light today but most beat a hasty retreat to the bus or an indoor venue as it was so miserable. (These reports are beginning to read rather like a diary of

Report on Cuppa & Capture – “Anything beginning with ‘A’ ” – Monday 7th April 2014

A smaller number than is now usual met to test their ingenuity today. Following our previous C & C on taking black and white images, more of us seemed to be keen to try out this “new” way of looking

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 17th March 2014 – “I like it”

We might all “Like Sun”, but that wasn’t much of an option in our photography outing today: instead,  People-Watching  figured highly in what we liked to photograph when given a free hand to choose what we liked to photograph.

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 17th February 2014 – “Intersections”

Yet another chilly day in York, which tested the resolve of the C & C members but didn’t seem to dint their creative thinking and observance. “Woven Intersectiions” – Lisa Williamson

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 3rd February 2014 – “Ins and Outs”

Our adopted hole in the wall figured yet again, Another day of inventiveness for fifteen of us, in spite of the chill wind!

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 20th January 2014 – “Evidence of the Past”

A dozen of us met and had yet another good day noticing items from both the distant and very recent past, which may be we hadn’t noticed before –  C & C certainly helps us be more observant of our

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 6th January 2014 – “A Study in Black & White”

The first Cuppa & Capture of 2014 was very well attended. The architecture of York (in particular the railway station) as well as the changing weather proved to be fruitful raw material for monochrome images.

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 16th December 2013 – “Christmas”

19 of us met at the Postern gate Hotel for a jolly and lively lunch – that’s about half of us who are signed up for  the Camera Club. The holiday mood plainly affected us and there weren’t too many

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 2nd December 2013 – “At Work”

Working Hard” – Hazel Cushing The market, shops and outside workers provided plenty of scope for us today and helped us hone up our courage skills to either ask if we could take a photo or sneak one on the

Report on Cuppa & Capture – 18th November 2013 – “Autumn”

Rob Rivron was “Thinking of Vivaldi” A record fifteen C & C-ers joined us to see what they could make of the subject – again, in the rain. A bit more experimenting than usual went on with over-saturating and under-saturating

Report on Cuppa and Capture – 4th November 2013 – “Wow!”

“Now that’s what I call banking!” -Hazel Cushing Rob had us all scratching our heads over this one (again!) but we refused to be defeated and came up with a good selection of literal and quirky interpretations of the subject.

Report on Cuppa & Capture – “Autumn Flora & Fauna”- 21st October 2013

..or  “A  day with the RAIN-deer….” A soggy and miserable day at Studley Royal did not deter us from practising what we had learnt at Camera Club the previous week, and lots of excellent photos were taken , mostly of

Report on Cuppa and Capture – “A Sign of Our Times” – Monday 7th October 2013

“A Sign of Our Times” – Chris Eason (Someone had to do it…) About a dozen of us met at Melton’s Too before dividing into groups to see what we could make of another tricky topic. Photos of mobile phone

Report on Cuppa and Capture – “Moving Parts” – Monday 23rd September 2013

A dozen of us met at the National Railway Museum  and had another very enjoyable day.