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Results for Annual Projected Knockout Competition – 13th December 2016

Click here for a pdf of round by round results. Congratulations to David for winning through all of the tough competition and also to everyone who took part. Of course, it would not be the competition we have come to know

Results for Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition, 15th December 2015

Click here for pdf of round by round results. Congratulations to David on his photo lasting til the end… and everyone who entered. A big thank you to our comedy duo of presenters Roger and Rob and for Roger’s hard work

Results for (Round 4) Portfolio Competition Projected Images 21 April 2015

Congratulations to Julia Walton who won with her portfolio of Iconic California, I have not worked out the best way to show the images on the website so I will discuss with the committee and hopefully have them showing in

Results for Annual Projected Image Competition 16 June 2015

Here are the results for the competition and congratulations to Helen Jones for her winning image Suitors In Pursuit.   Mark Sheet For Bishopthorpe Camera Club Annual Print Competition 16 June 2015  

Results For Round 3 Projected Image B 17.2.15

Here are the images and results for the above competition, congratulations to Roger Poyser for the winning image.       Mark Sheet For Club Competition (Round 3-Projected Image B)

Yenric Odd One Out Competition 21.10.14

Here are the results and images for the above competition,  

Results For Club Competition (Round 1) Projected Image A (21.10.14)

Here are the results of the competition, at last!!  

Portfolio competition results 6th May 2014

Here are the results of the Club Competition Round 4 on 6th May – Print and Projected Image Portfolios cc round4 portfolio prints dpi 6may2014 scoresheet blog  

Here are the scores for our Print Competition – Round 2 of the Club Competition

These are the scores of the print competion in November 2013 There’s a separate post with the scores of Rounds 1 & 3 [Projected Images A & B] BCC CC Round 2 Prints Scores

Projected Images A & B Competition Scores

Here are the scores for our two Projected Image competitions – Rounds 1 and 3 of this year’s Club Competition. ‘A’ was in October 2013 and ‘B’ in January this year. There’s a separate post with the Print Competition Results

Meeting Report – Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition – Tuesday 17th December 2013

Come and enjoy the images for our one-off knockout event, when the audience vote for a final winner and hopefully Rob doesn’t choke on a counter in his tea. Congratulations to Roger P on winning the knockout competition. Particular thanks