Report on “Best of My Wildlife Year” (in Main Hall) – Tuesday 12th November 2013

Paul Hobson is a very successful wildlife photographer with photos published in half a dozen magazines and his own book called “Wild Derbyshire”.  He has agreed to customise a talk showing his photos from the last year, but also include the techniques and thinking behind the photos. Invite friends to join us in the main hall for a fascinating and interesting talk.

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Members’ Print Exhibition: Wildlife – Thank you to Helen and everyone who contributed prints.

Paul gave a great talk, illustrating both his trips abroad and a selection of native species of flora and fauna.
He suggested some of the best wildlife photos are here at GDT – mentioned as Arty, Blurry stuff…
Overall, inspirational photos, with great suggestions for how to take them, and very interesting to the 50+ of us who joined him in the main hall.



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