Author: Chris Sharples

Results for Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition, 15th December 2015

Click here for pdf of round by round results. Congratulations to David on his photo lasting til the end… and everyone who entered. A big thank you to our comedy duo of presenters Roger and Rob and for Roger’s hard work

Meeting Report – Annual Projected Image Knockout Competition – Tuesday 17th December 2013

Come and enjoy the images for our one-off knockout event, when the audience vote for a final winner and hopefully Rob doesn’t choke on a counter in his tea. Congratulations to Roger P on winning the knockout competition. Particular thanks

Meeting Report – Architecture: “Burkas on the Beach and SARS in the City” – Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Following our survey showing architecture as our third favourite subject within the club, we welcome back Tristan Poyser to provide a change from landscape and wildlife. He will talk about his photography and impressions, created over 6 months, whilst travelling

Meeting Report – Club Competition (Round 2) – Print – Tuesday 19th November 2013

If you are a newbie, we hope the Introduction will have inspired you to enter your prints for our second competition of the year. If you’ve entered before, we hope you’ve been inspired by the projects or your own themes.

Report on “Best of My Wildlife Year” (in Main Hall) – Tuesday 12th November 2013

Paul Hobson is a very successful wildlife photographer with photos published in half a dozen magazines and his own book called “Wild Derbyshire”.  He has agreed to customise a talk showing his photos from the last year, but also include

Report on “Show and Tell” for our Autumn Projects – Tuesday 5th November 2013

Using what you have learnt so far this season, we invite you to offer the results of your project(s) for discussion at this session. No right or wrong answers, just further feedback from the project leaders and group discussion to

Future *YENRIC* – 4th November 2013

Please support Bishopthorpe and come along to Howden Camera Club for the first of this season’s inter-club competitions. This meeting’s special subject is Moving Parts (The 3 YENRIC themes for this year are Moving Parts, At Work & Maritime) Please

Report on Autumn Projects (No 2) “Deer” and (No 3) “Fireworks” and Fungi and Seals – 15th October 2013

“2 THREE more BCC members, Helen Jones and Chris Sharples, lead you through how to take great photos at this time of the year. We learn best by trying things out and the meetings so far have given you the

Report on Cuppa and Capture – “A Sign of Our Times” – Monday 7th October 2013

“A Sign of Our Times” – Chris Eason (Someone had to do it…) About a dozen of us met at Melton’s Too before dividing into groups to see what we could make of another tricky topic. Photos of mobile phone

Report on Club Competition (Round 1) – Projected Image A – Tuesday, 1st October 2013

The first opportunity of the season to offer your photos for feedback and gain marks to go towards the club competition. A really good turn-out of images – We think nearly every member present had entered images into the competion. 

Report on Cuppa and Capture – “Moving Parts” – Monday 23rd September 2013

A dozen of us met at the National Railway Museum  and had another very enjoyable day.

Meeting Report – An Evening of Two Halves – “Cuppa and Capture” and “Photographing Trees” – Tuesday 17th September 2013 (Extra Meeting)

Rob Rivron introduced, and then Roger W ran, a thoroughly entertaining session about the attractions of the fortnightly meet-ups of “Cuppa and Capture”.  See Cuppa And Capture Reports and Future Events. John Potter gave a wonderful presentation on ‘Trees’.  As

Meeting Report – “Preparing your Images for entering the Projected Image and Print Competitions” – Tuesday 10th September 2013 (Extra Meeting)

An Introduction led by members of the committee: – Learn how to resize your photographs and practise using a mount board cutter – information here.  Everyone present promised to enter the competitions as a result. There was also be an

Meeting Report – Roger Walton “Photography Basics and Introduction to Lightroom Post-processing” – Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Roger Walton gives us a baseline for the coming year.  Remember that many Lightroom techniques work with Photoshop Elements too. Even seasoned lightroom users grilled Roger over the export to 1400×1050 pixel issue for portrait and landscape – this will

Example Gallery from 2012 – Projected Image Competition B

Please click on any image to bring up the gallery browser to see the images with their proper aspect ratios – use forward/back arrows to navigate: –

Example Gallery from 2012 – Cuppa and Capture

  Raining outside? Forget the photography-let’s have another cuppa!